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Potter Gardens Estate

The Estate is in a serene environment in Agbara town and in the neighborhood of some other estates along the same road.

It is less than 10 minutes drive from the on-going Lagos/Badagry 10 lane expressway and also the Lagos/Badagry deep sea port which would occupy a land mass of 1000 hectares and would be the biggest in Africa. Potter Gardens Estate brings all the convenience of low maintenance living in a stylishly designed environment that’s close to all the things you love.


Outright Payment - N1,200,000

Installment Payment Option

6 Months - N1,260,000.00 at N210,000 Monthly

12 Months - N1,380,000.00 at N115,000 Monthly

18 Months - N1,440,000.00 at N80,000 Monthly

Documentation Fee is N150,000.00 which includes the Survey Plan and Allocation Letter.

●   Good drainage system

●   Constant water supply

●   Easy transfer of ownership

●   Estate Perimeter fencing

●   24 hours security services

●   Constant electricity supply

●   Recreational pack

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